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Miami Fishing Report – Sailfish

Posted by on February 27, 2013

Miami Fishing ReportMiami Fishing Report - Sailfish on Spellbound charter fishing boat Miami & Miami Beach

Todays Miami Fishing Report is about the end of winter and the beginning of an early spring.  Spring in Miami & Miami Beach means the Sailfish bite gets hot !  Live bait fishing on the inside edge of the Gulf Stream or the deep side of the reef will produce the best Sailfish fishing in the Spring.  Although it’s really about the conditions of the day.  We will choose where we fish and the baits we use, depending on the conditions:

  • Wind Direction & Speed.
  • Current direction & Speed.
  • Water color

Miami Fishing Report – Live Bait Trolling.

We get some of the largest Sailfish of the season that highlight our Miami fishing report.  Slow trolling live Little Tunny or Bonita, otherwise known at “flips” or “bullets”.  We set out a spread of four live flips on 20lb to 30lb line on 20lb standup rods.  We fish 60lb leaders and add a trace of light wire if we want to target kings, sharks or other “toothy” critters.  The hook we use is matched to the size of the bait.  We troll the baits at about 2.5 knots.  You must go fast enough to keep the baits swimming & stretched out tight.  Just do not go to fast or you will “drown” your baits.

When a Sailfish attacks a slow trolled large live bait like a flip, its a violent bite.  Just do not be in a hurry.  Sailfish eat big baits every day, so just let it eat.  A long drop back could be your best chance at success.  Once you are hooked up, keep your line tight & have a great time.  Just dont forget to enjoy the fight !

Miami Fishing Report – Book your Sailfish fishing charter.

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