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Miami Fishing Report – Grouper

Grouper Fishing Miami Charter
Posted by on January 5, 2013

Miami Fishing Report  for December 31st, 2012Miami Fishing Report - Black Grouper caught on Spellbound

Miami fishing report today is about the last day of open shallow water grouper season.  We decided that we should take advantage of this and put a little effort into catching our last shallow water grouper dinner for about six months.  This Grouper closure is on Red, Black, Gag, Scamp and a few other smaller grouper.

The conditions were perfect.  We had a light North Current and a 15 knot wind out of the South.  These conditions make it a little easier to powere drift.  holding a live bait in just the right spot on the wreck.

We were dropping live pinfish on lighter leaders on smaller ship wrecks.  The depth of the wrecks we were targeting were from about 180 foot to about 250 foot.  We were using 50lb leaders, that is considered light in the world of Grouper fishing.   We chose the lighter leaders because most of the Groupers are really weary and hard to trick into eating a bait.

Miami Fishing Report… Grouper Success !Miami Fishing Report - Black Grouper caught on Spellbound - Grouper Fishing Miami Charter

We caught a few smaller Amberjack on the first few drops.  Then finally we got the right bite.  After a short battle we had out target, a 12lb give or take a little Black Grouper!  The star of the day came a few drops later.  The last drop of the day was the best.  We hels a live pinfish on a small wreck in about 230 foot of water waiting for the bite.  Just then the rod loads up and bends over… game on ! A few short minutes later we had our fish on the surface.  It was a Scamp & it was giant.  The scamp weighed in at 15 pounds, the largest scamp we have ever caught.  A great way to wrap up grouper season. We, that is our Miami Fishing Report  for today.

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