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Miami Fishing Report – Big Amberjacks

Posted by on February 22, 2013

Miami Fishing Report – 02/22/13Miami Fishing Report  big Amberjacks on light tackle on Spellbound charter fishing boat

Todays Miami Fishing Report is about catching big Golden Amberjack on light tackle.  Today we were fishing a very shallow ship wreck.  The wreckage is in about 30 foot of water.  Fishing a live bonita on 20lb line attached to a down rigger.  A good school of giant Jacks were there and we hooked up quickly.  The fish was about 50 lb and put up a strong fight.

Miami Fishing Report – Followers

When we finally got the fish close to the boat we saw a big Amberjack following close by.  Mike the mate pitched a perfect cast with a live bait.  Another giant 50 lb+  Golden amberjack piled on the live bait.  The rod was a 12 lb spinner, epic battle to follow.  After an almost one hour fight the fish was landed !

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More Miami Fishing Report to come…

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