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Miami Fishing Report 1/05/13

Posted by on January 10, 2013

Miami Fishing Report – ConditionsMiami Fishing Report - Almaco Jack caught on Spellbound Miami

Miami fishing report is that South current moved in this week off Miami Beach.  The water quality has been mixed with clean blue water with pockets of green water.  The winds have been at about 15knots from the East & South east.  Seas have been a little choppy because of the wind against the current.

Miami Fishing Report – Whats bitting.

The pelagic fish like Sailfish and Tuna have been a little scarse this week, they always prefere the North Current.  Although the Almaco Jacks have moved on to the deeper wrecks this week.  These fish are late this year.  We normally catch them in October & November, but this year there were very few Almaco’s in  the Fall.

We have been targeting the Almaco Jacks on wreck that are deeper than 300 foot of water an shallower than 400′.  These fish are aggressive game fish that suspend above these deep wrecks.  They are not scavengers and are difficult to catch with dead bait.  We have found that larger live pinfish are the best baits.  We use 30lb braid line on smaller two speed reels.  Our leader is a long leader with a minimum length of 20′ & we use 50lb leaders.   The hook we chose is a heavy wire VMC circle hook on the smaller size, to mach the bait not the fish.  Almaco’s can be picky feeders so smaller hooks & lighter, longer leaders work best.

Miami Fishing Report – The Fish…Miami Fishing Report - kids fishing miami for Almaco Jacks

Most of the Almaco Jacks average from about 5lb – 15lb but this past week we have seen some of the largest Almaco’s in a long time.  We had a few fish pushing the scale at 30 pounds!  We have also caught a few Snowy Grouper while fishing these deeper wrecks.  The Almaco Jacks are hard fighters and a lot of fun an the lighter standup tackle that we use.

To find out more about our Miami Fishing Report, more about us or what we do: visit our original web page… or  Until then… Sea you on the rip !


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