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Fishing Acomplishments

New Species Found

During a fishing charter over in the Bahamas, were were doing a little bottom fishing.   The under sea drop off we were fishing was a steep wall with the top of the wall inFishing IGFA New Record - Sailfish Fishing Miamiabout 100 feet and the bottom was well over 1,200 feet just a few yards off shore of us.  We were fishing in about 300′ of water catching Red Hind Groupers & Black Snappers when on a drop the boat had slipped a little off shore of our mark.  My bait hit the bottom some where between 700′ and 800′ feet. With almost all of the line off my reel and a long crank up a head of me I suddenly felt the rig get heavy.  Some kind of fish was on.  A long crank up and a found my self looking at the first fish that I had caught as an adult that I could not Identify.  A long story latter and a lot of help from a Marine Biologist at the IGFA we had discovered that our 3lb fish was an undiscovered fish in the Tilefish Family.  I was given the honor of choosing the name of this new fish, we called it a Bahama Tiger Tilefish.

IGFA Fishing Records

Over the years we have had a few World Record, some still stand.

  • Bahama Tilefish
  • Lizard Fish
  • Black Fin Tuna on 12lb line
  • Scalloped Hamer Head Shark
  • Yellow Mouth Grouper

Tournament wins