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Wreck Fishing Miami

Wreck Fishing Miami…

I really enjoy Wreck Fishing Miami, if you are on the right wreck and the fish are hitting it is Wreck Fishing Miami - Chicken Rigusualy “insta bite”.  The artificial reefs off Miami & Miami Beach are filled with all kinds of Snappers, Jacks, Groupers, Cobia, Trigger Fish & Other assorted smaller bottom fish.

Wreck Fishing Miami Methods

Above the Wrecks are Kings, Tuna’s & other pelagic fish. We use two different methods of Bottom Fishing.  The first rig is what we call a”Chicken Rig” which is a multiple hook, up and down rig, with the lead on the bottom, hooks on dropper loops in the middle and a swivel to connect to the fishing rod.  This rig is used to catch  bottom fish on cut bait, such as Red Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Grouper, Trigger Fish & many others.

The second method of wreck fishing Miami is suspending a live bait on a long leader with a three way swivel

Wreck Fishing Miami - Live Bait Rigconnected to a 1lb to 3lb pound lead.  We use this rig with a live Pin Fish, Blue Runner, Bonita or other live bait fish to fish for larger Grouper, Amberjack, Almaco Jack & other larger bottom fish.

Wreck Fishing Miami – Great Catches

Fishing the wrecks of Miam is our best way to catch our largest bottom fish. The largest Black Grouper we have caught off Miami was over 80 lb., using a live bonita for bait.  The largest Gag Grouper on the Spellbound was over 50 lb. & that fish was also caught on a live bonita.  The larges grouper we caught this season on the Spellbound was a 90+ lb Warsaw Grouper.  We used a 3 lb live vermillion Snapper for bait.  The largest Amberjack of the season was an unbelievable  fish.  The fish was caught on a live 6 lb Blue Runner and weighed over 105 lb.  We are not afraid to use baits that are so big… that most fishermen would be shocked to see them go in the water.  Thats how we catch those giant bottom fish off Miami & Miami Beach.