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Fishing Miami Trolling

Traditional Fishing method of Trolling…

The gear…Fishing Miami trolling - trolling Diagram

Trolling method of fishing Miami trolling is quite simple.  We put out a spread of 6 or so rods and reels attached to a combination of dead and artificial baits.  We use spoons, lures, feathers & rigged baits like Ballyhoo, Mullet & Bonito strips.  These baits target most Game Fish.  We also use bird & other teasers in our spread.  They create more commotion and attraction.  To get baits deeper in the water while trolling, we use planners, leads & wire line.  The correct planner on the proper line can lower a bait 100 feet while trolling at nearly 7 knots.


Speed is what makes trolling so effective.  Fishing Miami Trolling allows the anglers to cover a lot of ground.  To either find the fish, or catch more fish when they are simply spread out over a large area.  The speed will also trigger an aggressive bite from most game fish.

Fish…Fishing Miami Trolling Bait box

Fishing Miami Trolling is effective for catching: Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Dolphin (Mahi), Wahoo, Kingfish, Barracuda, Bonita, Mackerel & Others.  Trolling is also great for targeting some bottom fish like Grouper, Snapper & Jacks.  We have even on more than one occasion caught Sharks, Cobia & other game fish.

The Boat…

A well equipped boat fishing Miami trolling with long out riggers & rod loders in the proper locations will make trolling more effective.  The way a boat moves through the water with a clean wake, will attract game fish in closer. A wide boat will present the baits in a more natural manner.  A wider boat allows us to to put more baits in the spread. A larger boat gives our anglers plenty of room to fight multiple game fish. As well as a stable platform in rougher seas.  A raised bridge gives the Capt. an advantage in seing fish in the spread, or in the distance.