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Swordfish Fishing Miami Night Time

Swordfish Fishing Miami  at Night…

Swordfish fishing Miami at nightSwordfish fishing Miami at night is much different than the Day Time Swordfish Fishing methods.  Unlike the the day time, when night approaches the largest migration on earth begins.  All sorts of Deep Sea creatures migrate from bottom of the deep ocean to the top layers.  They feed on the plancton that exist where the daylight penetrates.  This top layer of the ocean is covered in microscopic algae and small animals.  Squid and all sorts of small bait fish use the cover of dark to feast on this available food all night.  Right behind the bait are the predators.  Swordfish, who also live on the bottom will follow this migrstion up the 2,000 feet to hunt the Squid, Tinker Mackerel & other bait fish.

Swordfish Fishing Miami Night Methods

We can target & fish for these Swordfish when they are near the surface of the Gulf Stream using lighter tackle such as Penn 30w & Penn 50w reels and standup rods.  The typical fishing method is to drift across the ocean with a spread of three to six rods.  The tackle spread depends on the current & wind conditions.  Swordfish fishing Miami,We bait the rods with a mixture of dead Swordfish fishing Miami - swordfish night time rigrigged squids and live baits. We use live baits such as Tinker Mackerels & Blue Runners which both natural occur there.  We place our baits staggered from the surface to as deep as 600′. Depth depends on moon phase and time of the evening.  We use hooks to match the bait size and leasers that are about 150lb.  Lights and glow sticks are attached to our leaders to help attract other baitfish and the Swordfish.  One pound to 3lb leads are used to keep the baits down in the current.  A jug, float or balloon is used to keep the bait at a desired depth.

The strikes are hard & violent.  The fight is hands on and a lot of work, although lot’s of fun.  The fish will run line off the reel fast & dive deep. Swordfish will hit the surface like a missile jumping high into the air.  These fish are just plain mean, and always dangerous.  Even subdued after a long battle they are always looking to kill whats attacking them.  When at the boat they must be handled carefully & with respect for their ability and strength.

Swordfish Fishing Miami “Daytime -vs- Night Time”

The other difference between Day Time Sword Fish fishing and the night time Swordfish fishing is the size of the fish.  The Day Time Fish are typically 90 – 600+ pounds.  The Night Time Swordfish are typically smaller fish.  The majority are less than 90 pounds, although a few giant fish are caught at night every year.