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Deep Drop Fishing

Deep Drop Fishing…

Deep drop fishing refers to fishing on  the bottom in the deeper part of the ocean.  We start our deep drop fishing in about 400′ of water fishing for assorted Snappers, Groupers & Tilefish.  At about 600′ of water we are fishing for Golden Tilefish, Red Hake & Snowy Grouper.  When we reach 900′ of water we are fishing for Black Belly Rosefish, Deep Drop fishing Miami a Blackbelly rosefishBarrel fish & Wreck Fish, we find these same fish out to over 2,000′.  When we get as deep as 1,500+ we start to see the really rare and strange fish such as; Oil Fish, Escolar, Oar fish,  Pomfret & Lancetfish.

Deep Drop Fishing Tackle

The tackle that we use is mostly electric reels.  We have a wide variety of electric reels to fit each style of fishing.  Our lightest deep drop reels are loaded with 20lb spectra line, and has a handle for manual reeling or a motor for auto.  Next in line is a simular reel.  Just slightly larger loaded with 50lb spectra line.  This reel features both manual & auto reeling.  We then have a few larger reels with 100lb line or wire line, that feature fully automatic reeling.  The largest deep drop reel that we have for Swordfish & other deep fish is a Lindgren Pitman S-1200.  This reel is the newest technology with interchangeable spools.  One of our spool is loded with  10,500 feet of 80lb line.  Yes, that’s 2 miles of line.  We can reach the deepest parts of our ocean, and have plenty of line to fight any new sea monster we can find.

Deep Drop Fishing Miami The Bahama Tilefish

That is something that we did, we found a new species of deep water tilefish.  We received the opportunity to name the fish, we chose; Bahama Tiger Tilefish.