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Daytime Swordfish

Daytime Deep Drop Swordfish Fishing

Miami is the best place in the world to catch a daytime Swordfish. We have a strongDay Time SwordFish on the Surface - Fishing Miami population of Swordfish that live on, or near the bottom of the deep ocean continental drop off.  Starting at about 16 miles off Miami & Miami Beach continental drop begins.  The bottom is around 900 feet deep and in a short amount distance the bottom will fall off to more than 2500 foot.

Daytime Swordfish Method

We have devised a method of daytime Swordfish fishing where we can place a bait on or near the bottom inDaytime swordfish rig nearly 1,600 – 1,900 feet of water.  We can keep a sewn bait with in 100 foot of the bottom slow trolling at about 1.5 to 2.5 knots in 3 – 5 knots of Gulf Steam Current.  We use 7 to 12 lb. of lead to keep the bait down in the strike zone.  With the use new super thin spectra fishing lines in as light as 65lb and as heavy as 100lb to  fight the strong Gulf Stream Current and keep the bait effectively on the bottom.

A daytime Swordfish bite is subtle, but noticeable.  When the slack line and belly from the current is retrived the rod begins to load up, IT’S GAME ON !  These fish pull hard and make violent runs, changing directions  on a dime.  They will swim up 1,500+ feet & make amazing jumps.  In a split second the Swordfish will pull out more than 1,000 foot of line in a line stretching run back to the bottom.

Daytime Swordfish fights can go on for hours, although a few fish have been caught in less than 30 Daytime Sword Fish lp reel - Fishing Miamiminutes.  There is no more exiting Deep Sea Big Game Sport Fishing than hooking a giant Swordfish more than 1,800 foot down and then seing that big fish breach the surface and jump in to the air.

Daytime Swordfish – Miami Fishing Charter

Take an all day Deep Drop daytime Swordfish Fishing Charter with us and have this amazing experience for your selves.  If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to land one of these magnificent Giant Fish, it will be a day that you will never forget.  If you are like us… you will be hooked !