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Wahoo FishingWahoo fishing Miami

Wahoo fishing are not commonly caught in Miami & Miami Beach, but are quite a few are landed every year. Wahoo are great light takle fish and available all year round.   Wahoo are also great light tackle Deep Sea Game fish that we commonly find while Swordfish fishing, Sailfish fishing, Kite Fishing, Trolling the Gulf Stream edge and the edge of the deep reef.  All the Wahoo Fish can be caught with live bait, dead bait, lures & Jigs.  They are great on light tackle, the run fast & dive deep.  One of the most colorful and hard fighting of the Deep Sea Sport game fish.

Trolling Wahoo fishing with rigged natural baits like Ballyhoo, Bonito Strips & Mullet catch a lot of our Wahoo.  We also Wahoo fishing with spoons ans swimming plugs.  Both of there lures work well.  Wahoo are one of the fastes fish in the ocean.  They can maintain speeds of nearly 60 miles per hour.  Fast trolling is most effective.  Since they are a wast predator they like to chase fast pray fish

About Wahoo

Wahoo can be distinguished from the related Atlantic king mackerel known as the King Fish, and from the Indo-Pacific Narrow-barred Spanish mackerel by a fold of skin which covers the mandible when its mouth is closed. In contrast, the mandible of the king mackerel (King Fish) is always visible as is also the case for the smaller Spanish mackereland Cero mackerel. The teeth of the wahoo are similar to those of king mackerel, but shorter and more closely set together.

The barracuda can be and is sometimes confused or mixed up with mackerel, King Fish and wahoo, but is easy to distinguish from the latter two species. Barracuda have prominent scales, larger, dagger-like teeth, and lack the caudal keels and blade-like tail characteristic of the scombrid (mackerel).